Tiny Bright Thorns


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Tiny Bright Thorns charts the magic and madness of early motherhood. Shot through with sea and sky, wonder and terror, these unflinching poems explore themes of love, doubt, growth, loneliness and the sudden shift of identity that comes with the birth of a child.

Tiny Bright Thorns begins rooted in the domestic, but slinks out among forests of foxes, flames a triumphant sunrise on a beach, has an argument with a Salvador Dali painting and finds whales swimming among the stars.

These poems are really close to my heart. Motherhood is universal, every single one of us has experience of either mothering or having been mothered, in some way shape or form, and I hope that readers will find elements of their own experience reflected in these poems.


Praise for Tiny Bright Thorns:

“Tiny Bright Thorns is a love-song to the tender, fierce and ‘tar-thick’ days and nights of early motherhood, the ‘feathered cries of the new’. Rich in startling imagery, open-hearted and often movingly truthful, these poems shine – a ‘beacon’ passed from ‘mother to mother to mother’. How I wish I had read them as a new mother myself navigating those perilous, unmoored early weeks. Jen Feroze writes with grace and humanity of the ‘herbaceous bite/ of exquisite and terrifying love’ in all its forms and the power of imagination to connect us all.” – Sarah Westcott

“Playful, moving, tender and true; this pamphlet is a magical yet honest reflection on the wonder of motherhood. Nature, art and folklore run through these poems so deftly they continue to sing long after they’re put down. A joy.” – Maria Ferguson

“Dark yet tender and full of wonder, in these lyrical poems motherhood is an ocean as dangerous as it is beautiful. Feroze sculpts sleepless nights to show us each sharp shining star. A startling, stunning debut. ” – Angela Readman

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