The Colour of Hope

 Poems Of Happiness In Uncertain Times

The Colour of Hope is a poetry collection with happiness at its heart.  The 45 poems inside were created during lockdown #1 in the UK, at a time when finding beauty and comfort in the everyday seemed at once fraught with difficulty and vitally important.

Each was written for a specific recipient, based on three things they guaranteed would make them feel happy.  I received a wonderful range of briefs.  From the beautifully universal – a longing for nature and freedom, time spent with family, summers spent in other lands – to the gloriously specific – snaffling a Toffee Crisp from the fridge late at night, Fleetwood Mac songs, making the perfect scrambled eggs, Ceilidh dancing…

The result is a collection of poems that serves both as a record of 2020’s intense strangeness, and as an uplifting reading experience that will connect and resonate with a much wider audience than the individuals they were initially written for.

Mental health charities are working harder than ever to provide support to the vulnerable and in need, and every little helps.  As such, 20% from the sale of this book will be donated to Mind, to help provide a bit of light in these uncertain times.

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“Feroze’s poetry is filled with vivid, lush imagery that will transport you to happier times”

The Colour of Hope is a stunning collection that will leave you with a hope in your heart and a smile on your face. Feroze’s poetry is filled with vivid, lush imagery that will transport you to happier times. I can not recommend this book enough, it has filled me with happiness and renewed my hope for this year. Thank you, Jen, for writing this much needed collection.

– Samantha Nimmo

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