Personalised Poetry: Capturing Your Most Special Moments

Personal & Brand poetry

There is something nothing short of magical about poring over words until you find exactly the right combination to bring something crackling into life, and poetry is the purest version of this process if you ask me.

(Fun fact, this is where Jackdaw Editorial gets its name, for the way jackdaws are drawn to shiny things, picking over the best and brightest and hoarding them in their nest like jewels).

I provide personalised poetry services for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, memorials and milestone occasions; and collaborate with creative brands to write bespoke verses that emphasise their values and add some wordy wow-factor.

I’m an award-winning poet, and my work has been featured in a number of national and international publications. My first poetry collection, The Colour of Hope, was published in 2020.

A poem is a powerful thing, and a totally bespoke poem that’s been created just for you is a gift to be cherished.

“Her work is flawlessly evocative as she masters colour, light and the five senses, to weave together poems which are deeply personal yet universal too”

– Kristiana Reed

Milestones & Memories

Personal Poetry Commissions

If you’re looking for a heartfelt and unique gift for someone special, or perhaps a wedding reading created especially for your relationship in all its quirky gorgeous glory, my Milestones and Memories service is the one for you.

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Creative Collaborations

Poetry for Brands

If you’re a brand with a ton of heart looking to make a personal connection with your clients, you need my Creative Collaborations service.

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Jen’s writing style is simultaneously stunning and accessible; she conjures rich scenery with metaphors that will stop you in your tracks

– Lauren Poole

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