1:  I’m just starting my business and haven’t got a website yet. Will your copywriting services work for me?

I regularly work with clients and web designers who are building a new site from scratch, and both The Brand Story and the Editorial Review services will work for you as a new business. However, in order for your copy to tell the right story and paint the right pictures for your clients, you need to have done the work to nail down your brand values, what it is you stand for and who it is you want to appeal to. If you’re struggling with any of this, send me a message and we can have a chat about it.

2: What if I just need help with one or two pages of my copy?

In that case I’d direct you to my Editorial Review service. If you’re booking me to write for you, then it’ll for your whole website. This is so we can make sure that the voice feels lovely and consistent across every page, and the user journey is clear and simple. If you’re in the position where you’ve got some copy you’re pretty happy with, but you’re banging your head against a brick wall with, say, the About page, book in for a Review with me, and you’ll get the guidance and tools you need to write it yourself. 

3: Do you cover SEO as well?

I am always mindful of SEO when I write for you, but it’s not my primary focus. What’s most crucial for me is that your copy is atmospheric, engaging and that it invites people in to find out more about you and your business. Writing for SEO rather than for your readers can often lead to robotic, uninspiring wording, which just isn’t my thing at all. Don’t worry, we will have a chat about keywords, and I’ll make sure they’re included in your copy, but if SEO is top of your requirements list, I’d recommend contacting a separate SEO specialist. 

4: What about blog posts? Do you write these?

No. My copywriting services focus on your website, giving you the best possible chance to connect with your clients in an in-depth and meaningful way. If you book the Brand Story service, you’ll also receive an editorial style guide which will give you some tips and tricks on how to take the faff out of blogging and help you kickstart your own blog writing. 

5: How can I be sure the copy I receive will sound like me?

I want to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible for you, but there is some homework for you to do before I get started. My brand discovery questionnaire is the chance for you to load me up with information about you and your business and it’s this that will form the building blocks of your brand voice. For extra peace of mind, you’ll have two rounds of amends per page included in your fee, so we can hone and refine the copy to make sure it’s creative, confident and comfortably you.

6: I’m interested in a personalised poem but I need it urgently for a gift. How long will it take?

Please allow up to two weeks for the first draft of your personal poem, and up to six weeks from approval of your wording if you’ve selected the luxe calligraphy option. Digital PDF poems can be done more quickly according to my schedule, but may incur a further fee if a very tight turnaround is required. 

7: Do you have a payment plan?

For all services apart from the Brand Story, full payment is required upon booking in order to secure your place in my schedule. For Brand Story bookings, 50% is payable on booking, and the remaining 50% is payable on delivery of your first draft. 

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