You know what it is that lights you up and makes you so good at what you do.

You’ve poured your heart into your business and you know that you’re offering something really special. But when it comes to pinning down what makes your brand so brilliant and putting it in writing, things start to feel bland and blurry…

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Let's get lyrical


I’ll get to know you and your brand, and will craft the copy for your full website, giving you wording that’s memorable, meaningful and that makes your readers feel something. This is about connection, about figuring out which stories of yours to bring to the fore to help your clients see how perfect for them you are.


We’re not grabbing anyone by the lapels and yelling ‘buy from me!’, there’s no slick or sleazy sales-speak here. Instead, your finished website copy will open the door to somewhere a little bit magical, and say to your clients ‘come on in’.

Yes please, I'm in!

“Jen’s work is not punchy and in-your-face, it’s layered, textured and gentle 

“‘I was hoping for some beautiful words to complement the images on my site but I got so much more than that.  Jen’s work is not punchy and in-your-face, it’s layered, textured and gentle.  Every time I read my website copy, many months on, I find more within the words, like the layers of an onion.  This is absolutely perfect for my website where there is no hard sell, and clients visit multiple times before getting in touch or booking.  It feels like every time you go on the website, the copy is fresh and enticing – something I never thought words could offer!”

– Gemma Hales | Femme Petale

Your Brand Story service includes:


An initial discovery call to get to know each other. Grab a cuppa (chocolate biscuits also heavily encouraged) and settle in for an informal chat.


A brand questionnaire for you to fill in in as much detail as possible, giving me a feel for where you want to be, who you want to work with and what makes you tick.


Engaging, atmospheric copy for up to 8 pages of your website


Two rounds of amends if required


A bespoke editorial style guide, to help you generate confident, creative copy for Instagram captions, blog posts, emails and more.



Can’t find what you’re looking for?

If you want to be the one to write your website copy, but you’re in need of some expert guidance, have a look at my Editorial Review service. Or else, get in touch to see how I can best help you. 

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