Evocative website copy for your creative business that places storytelling above sales patter.

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You might have heard your website described as your ‘shop front’ before, and it’s true that it provides the most in-depth opportunity for clients to get to know your brand and the services and products you offer.

However, I prefer to see it as an invitation – a beckoning hand taking your readers somewhere new. It’s the equivalent of leading them through the wardrobe and into that frosted forest, or down the rabbit hole to a wonderland of dodos and duchesses (excuse me, my bookworm is showing).

The point is, your website copy is a chance to build a unique little world for your brand; a place that tells your story, and that creates an emotional response in your clients, showing them exactly why they need you in their lives.

The way you use your words to put across who you are and what you do is a crucial part of your brand’s identity, but that doesn’t change the fact that wrangling with language makes you want to run for the hills or fling your laptop out of an upstairs window.

Don’t worry.

That’s where I come in.

I specialise in writing beautiful, lyrical website copy that inspires connection with your clients and feels confidently, comfortably authentic to you. Together we’ll tell your brand’s story, and build a world of words that your clients can’t wait to explore.

Find out more about my services below, and get in touch to see how I can best help you. 

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I knew the minute I read Jen’s work that I had to hire her.

“The way she understood the finer nuances of weddings really stood out to me as I am all about the details. Jen was so friendly, funny and always answered my emails promptly. When she delivered my copy, I was blown away. Even though we’ve never met and are separated by a whole ocean, she understood me and my vision. She put into words what I’ve been trying to articulate for years. That was a huge relief for me and I’ll be forever grateful to her for this!”

– Alexandra Baillie-David | Baillie David & Co

Editorial Review

If you want to stay in the driving seat when it comes to your copy, but you’re feeling lost about which way to go, this service is for you. I’ll review every word of your existing website copy, and guide you through the tweaks, additions and changes you need to make to bring it into focus for your brand.

Investment: £425

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Your brand story

This is my full writing service, providing you with engaging, atmospheric copy for every page of your website. I’ll tease out the strands of gold in your messaging, and weave them together into something compelling, beautifully crafted and completely you. You’ll also receive a bespoke editorial style guide, to help you feel confident in creating on-brand content in the future. 

Investment: £1500

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