Meet Jen

Creative copywriter. Poet. Chocolate biscuit aficionado.

Playing with words has been both my favourite thing to do and the thing I’m best at for as long as I can remember. From primary school where I’d sneak extra exercise books from the stationery cupboard and use them to write stories; through university where I fell hard for poetry and the intense, jewel-like images that can be created in tiny spaces; and on to my career, it’s been a constant source of joy and fulfilment.

Before becoming a creative copywriter, I worked for ten years in London as an editor in children’s publishing. During that time, I wrote and edited well over 100 books, about everything from Harry Styles to the Marianas Trench, and I was responsible for a Sunday Times number 1 bestseller about a family of jet-set meerkats. Yes, really. My time in publishing polished that crucial balance between creativity and attention to detail (and it’s also made me a valuable if eclectic addition to any pub quiz team!).

Writing Services That Light You Up

After my daughter arrived like a little curly whirlwind, I started Jackdaw Editorial. I love the flexibility it gives me to work around my family, and I love being able to harness the power of words and see my clients light up as their brands come to life on the page.

Based by the sea in Essex, I work with heart-led business owners helping talented people give their brand the voice it deserves.   

Alongside my copywriting, I’m a poet. My work has been published in a number of international journals and anthologies and I’ve taught poetry and writing workshops online and in person. My first collection, The Colour of Hope, was published in 2020 and is raising money for Mind mental health charity. I’m delighted to be bringing personalised poetry services to Jackdaw Editorial. Being able to crystallise memories, moments and favourite things and turn them into a poem to mark a special occasion is a total honour, and every brief I receive sets off the excited butterflies. 

If you’re ready to find out more, get in touch for a chat. I can’t wait to write for you.

Jen x

Quickfire (ish) Q&A


Karaoke standard

Wuthering Heights – Kate Bush (complete with alarming dance moves)


Cocktail order

I’ll have a margarita, thanks.


Favourite books

Blackberry Wine – Joanne Harris; Folk – Zoe Gilbert; The Republic of Motherhood – Liz Berry; The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern.


Meaningful quote or song lyric

‘It started out as a feeling, which then grew into a hope, which then turned into a quiet thought, which then turned into a quiet word.’ – Regina Spektor, The Call.


Favourite place in the world

Lyon (specifically a cheese-heavy picnic from Les Halles de Bocuse eaten in the sunshine in the Parc de la Tête D’Or).


Three things guaranteed to make me happy

Listening to my husband being silly with our children; the living room lit only by the lights from the Christmas tree; quiet time to write late at night, when it feels like I’m the only one in the world awake. 

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